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Treatment Policy/Principle

At “Makimura Dental Clinic”, situated in Sakyo Ward in Kyoto City, we put an emphasis on orthodontics that leads to a well-shaped mouth and jaw as well as a healthy bite, dentition, and facial look.
At this clinic, we approach treatment with the purpose of having our patients enjoy a lifelong joy of biting, for which we correct teeth alignment and continue to accumulate treatment techniques and experience every day.
By correcting teeth alignment and being able to bite properly, our patients can get a better appearance and are able to smile with confidence. In addition, we consider orthodontic treatment to be a pre-emptive measure which prevents futuredental diseases such as cavities, pyorrhea, as well as temporomandibular disorders. And by doing so, we not only extend the lifespan of teeth, but also contribute to the overall health of the body.

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Head Doctor

Takahiro Makimura

I strive to not just treat cavities but give a comprehensive support of the mouth so that our patients can enjoy satisfying eating habits throughout their lives.

Once shaved or plucked out, teeth do not go back to how they were. Humans have no unnecessary tissues. Teeth are an important component for people to be able to function and develop.
Considering people’s life, a loss of such tissues would be immeasurable.

Because of this, we provide treatment that attempts to avoid plucking out teeth and nerves as much as possible. We take care to keep the teeth and nerves and help our patients to enjoy food daily with their own teeth.

Information on Treatment


“My front teeth stick out”, “I cannot speak well because I have air leak from between my teeth”, “I want to fix my child’s dentition” – we provide orthodontic treatments that suites every person’s own dental problems.

Periodontal Diseases and Preventives

It is said that periodontal diseases are the number one cause in Japan for tooth loss, but they are also considered life-style diseases and are deeply related todiabetics and ischemic diseases. First, please come to our clinic to receive a diagnosis.

Treatment for Cavities

If the damage is light, then it can be treated by applying medication and without shaving the afflicted tooth, but in serious cases, the caries fungus could infect not only the tooth, but also the bones in the jaw. With cavities, early detection and early treatment is essential.

Aesthetic Dentistry and Whitening

“I want to make my teeth white”, “the colour bothers me”, “the colour of my gum is dark” – We have covering, stuffing, and whitening materials that can solve various such worries. Please consult us if you want to get pretty teeth.

Paediatric Dentistry and Maternity Outpatient

We not only treat cavities, but also provide preventive treatment against cavities in milk teeth. In addition, we also provide maternity outpatient treatments for expecting and future mothers so that they can maintain healthy oral conditions.

Temporomandibular Disorders, Bruxism, and Clenching

We diagnose and treat temporomandibular disorders, bruxism, and clenching, and create suitable mouthpieces. Please feel free to consult us.

Denture Treatments

At this clinic, we provide appropriate dentures that best suites our patients’ mouths according to their wishes.

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